Dedicated, AI based solution for complex inspection problems.

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Visual AI-based food quality control tailored to customer needs.

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3D reconstruction of dynamical sport scenes for detailed statistical analysis.

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We are a team of specialists in the field of applied computer vision. We create dedicated systems and image control systems tailored to the customer's needs.
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Solutions for


We offer a combination of hardware and software tailored to the customer production line in order to achieve accurate and reliable results. We focus on complex AI-based visual analysis of objects. We provide solutions for harsh and extreme environments, including low temperatures and continuous exposure to hazardous chemicals. At the same time we try to minimize any modification of the existing infrastructure.
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In recent years, the sport has been undergoing a real revolution that has gained rapid momentum. This is thanks to the widely available advanced technology that improves training in virtually every sport. Machine vision is widely used here, but mainly among professional athletes. We provide solutions for athletes at every career level, including amateurs.
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Analyzing the large amount of data available at each stage of a complex production process is crucial in today's world. Detailed analysis, reports and output of models based on artificial intelligence help our customers to maximally optimize production process, lower costs and support business decision making.


Machine vision is a range of image processing technologies and methods to accomplish such tasks as automatic inspection, control, quality analysis. It is used both in industry, robotics, and -- increasingly -- in entire societies. The proper selection of all technologies at each stage -- lighting, lenses, cameras, computing units, dedicated software, effectors, data presentation methods and more -- determines the success or failure of the system. We have extensive experience in both the scientific and application fields in this field.


We provide proven, effective hardware and software solutions for specific industries.


Applied artificial intelligence and deep learning are at the core of solutions on which our services are based.


We design and manufacture individual hardware / software solutions for specific customer needs.
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Panospector is a system that controls the quality of food products. Fine-grained image analysis makes it possible to detect and identify the tiniest product defects. The database thus built allows an objective assessment of the quality of the delivery, farm, supplier, etc. It helps in making key business decisions. Importantly, we customize the system to meet the individual needs of the client, we are flexible in terms of the possibility of interference with the existing infrastructure of the production line, as well as the possibility of integration with the client's IT system.
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We offer a dedicated electronic device with AI for recording sports events. The software runs in real time on devices with advanced processors from NVIDIA at their heart (we are a part of the NVIDIA Inception program). The system records players' movement, its parameters and reconstructs it in 3D. The resulting analytical models are useful in the process of evaluating training, athletes' predispositions and improving training plans
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We are based in Szczecin - a city with a vibrant IT community located in Western Pomerania region, near the Polish-German border.
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